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About - Outbreak Chronicles

A Note from Caden Monroe:

Thank you for visiting the official website of Outbreak Chronicles! Here you can find the latest news and all of the currently available journals in what I hope you will find to be an incredibly unique, emotional, profound, and exciting series.

Being an Indie author can be incredibly difficult, however for others out there who are interested in pursuing their own writing aspirations, I highly encourage you to see it through! There will always be obstacles, but it has been a dream to finally publish my first story. It just takes the dedication to see it through.

I did utilize the resources of Tattered Parchment to help me to make this story a reality, and I highly encourage any other Indie authors to utilize their resources as well. They are an e-publishing company that can assist with editing, book cover design, illustrations, consultation, e-book marketing and any other services that an Indie author needs to make their dreams of publishing come true.

If you are interested in utilizing their e-publishing expertise, please visit

I also utilized the outstanding work of Arron McArthur as my book cover artist and illustrator (for the Condemned Editions). His portfolio can be seen at

As an additional note, I highly encourage the use of the characters and settings of Outbreak Chronicles in fan fiction, art and other fan-based work. However, I do ask that you please label them accordingly and provide credit to the original work.

If you would like to submit your fan fiction or art to be featured on either or, please send an e-mail to:

I sincerely hope you enjoy the Outbreak Chronicles series, are looking forward to the next journal and are prepared for the Outbreak!

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